• 'Evening's Glory' Greeting Card

    Original Artwork by S. R. Bricka

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  • Description

    Dimensions: 4x5.5 Folded Card

    Exterior: Slightly glossy for color and detail accuracy 
    Interior: Blank
    Includes: An envelope with every card
    The front of the cards displays a print of an original art work by S. R. Bricka.  The back of the card shows the company logo and verse from the Bible.
    Box sets of this card are available here.

    Description of the artwork seen on this card:

    This work of impressionism is an oil on canvas by S. R. Bricka. In this piece she attempts to mimic the way God paints a sunset in the sky. Each evening The Creator displays a glorious show for all to see. One should be reminded when looking at this painting, as well as each evening sunset, that God has made such beauty.
  • 'Evening's Glory' Greeting Card
  • 'Evening's Glory' Greeting Card
  • ‘Enfold’ by S.R. Bricka, detailed back of greeting card, Verse from the Bible Revelation4:11, Art for God’s Glory

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