• 'Existing' Bookmark

    Original Artwork by S. R. Bricka

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  • Description

    Main Features:

    • Holds to Your Page
    • Holds to Your Line
    • Sized perfectly to fit in your book both vertically and horizontally.

    Dimensions: 1"3/8 x 3"3/4 folded

      Paper: Slightly glossy on printed side for color and detail accuracy, and better resistance 
        The front of the bookmark displays a small section of an original artwork by S. R. Bricka.  The flap shows the company logo, title of the artwork, copyright and website.

        Description of the artwork seen on this bookmark:

          This abstract by S. R. Bricka’s is an oil on canvas.  It illustrates the beginnings of life.  The gold and silver leaf seen on this work, remind one of the miracle and value of life (which is worth much more than these).  One should remember, when looking at this work, that life begins in the most simplest of stages. 
        • ‘Existing’ by S.R. Bricka, Bookmark in the Bible, Art for God’s Glory
        • ‘Existing’ by S.R. Bricka, Flap of Bookmark, Art for God’s Glory
        • ‘Existing’ by S.R. Bricka, Bookmark, Holds your Page, Holds Your Line

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